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Musiclab FounderZefan Susanto

Head of Production

With more than 10 Years experience in producing music, I’m open to any musician, singer or songwriter all over UK and worldwide to work together in a project. If you have any question or enquiry please don’t hesitate to contact me

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Our Team Member

Graduating from Tianjin Music Conservatory in 2017, Kenny is acknowledged by his work over several major Indonesian movie productions, under his own production Kenny Composer. He is actively mentored by several top industry composers such as Christopher Young, Norman Ludwin and Derek Gleeson. He was also doing some projects with noticeable Indonesian artists, Church Community, as well as the Education Community. In Musiclab Kenny is helping us as an Orchestrator, preparing score when it comes to record with a real Symphony Orchestra. He also role as co-producer in some of our big band style production and orchestra production.

Movie Composer, Orchestrator & Co- ProducerKenny Febrian

Joscha is a new rising producer as well as a session keyboard player. Having a lot of connection to the major industry person in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, brought him tons of experience working in the music production ecosystem. He was also doing lots of projects with the individual artists under his own production label. Joscha’s strongest skill is a mixture of sound design and sampling using mainly Ableton as his tools to shape the music. In Musiclab Joscha’s role as co-producer in our several projects, his modern and up to date sound never fail us.

Modern & Pop Music Co-ProducerAndrew Joscha

Edward is a young and talented music producer. Just start about one and a half years in learning music production, he did several amazing projects and collaboration with UK artist. Edward has very extensive skills in shaping his own signature sound. His ability to create modern-sounding tunes is really undoubtedly. Having involved with our founder in some Musiclab project really brought the final result to something modern, fresh and special.

Modern Pop & EDM Co-ProducerEdward Dow

Jonathan is not only a great keys player but also an awesome orchestrator as well. Having influenced by David Foster, Earth Wind, and Fire, Erwin Gutawa & Andi Rianto, Jonathan’s top skills is giving a great majestic orchestration with a sweet taste combined in a simple, yet beautiful instrumentation. Jonathan has done numerous projects with us, both as an orchestrator and co-producer. His beautiful orchestration always brings the production to something magical. On the other side, Jonathan is actively performing live with his own orchestra Musica Delight, and been trusted to perform with Local & International artists such as Ruth Sahanaya, Judika, Regina Ivanova, Lorren Allerd and many more.

Orchestral Co-ProducerJonathan AR

Andry has been a part of Musiclab since 2006. We always trust him with his extraordinary guitar playing and production. Andry is a versatile session guitarist that always gives awesome color to our music. He has done a lot of work under his own production Andry Suisan, varying from the company theme song, movie scoring as well as working with the individual artists. In Musiclab he is a topline session guitarist and co-producer, helping us bring some bold and fresh ideas. Until now he is still actively producing and performing.

Orchestral Pop & Rock Co-ProducerAndry Suisan

What Our Clients Say

Zefan, Is a phenomenal arranger/ producer and his staff at Musiclab are simply fantastic! This is my 3 rd project with him. Each project working with him is a wonderful experience. I have full confidence in trusting Zefan . I highly recommend him. Very talented young man. Easy to work with!

Producer, Artist, Songwriter, United StatesEjay Johnson

I have nothing but good things to say about Zefan. He is an absolute professional and is truly talented as orchestration. I’m a music producer myself but my orchestration skills are lacking so if I ever need a big orchestral sound I send my clients songs to Zefan to orchestrate.  He does the work promptly, with good humour and I not the artist have anything changes. He just gets the job done right! Most of our work is done online but on the occasions we have been in the studio together he is fantastic.

Producer, Artist, Songwriter, United KingdomMatt Hughes

Zefan and Musiclab have been a part of my artist journey. I’ve been working with Zefan as early before he found Musiclab Production. His expertise in creating music and organizing things always becomes a positive consideration for me. His total support brings me to a point where I am today. Thank you Zefan & Musiclab

Artist, IndonesiaHendripan

Zefan Susanto is a very good partner with such a great works. He’s a very talented arranger who always come up with briliant ideas. He knows exactly what kind of music that we (as the client) want, in any genre; esepecially in pop, jazz and orchestra arrangements. He’s very responsible, creative, honest, and always gives his best in every work he takes. If you’re searching for a creative, responsible, arranger/musician and a very good partner to work with, then he’s the one!

Artist & Songwriter, IndonesiaTheresia Dian

I’ve been working with Musiclab Production since 2015. Never once Musiclab and their amazing team fail me. They always come up with a great organize workflow from concept to final product. I’ve been touring across Europe with the Musiclab Team to shoot my music clip in 2018, and the result is fantastic. I can’t wait to do another project with Musiclab!

Artist & Social Media Influencer, IndonesiaUci Flowdea

Zefan is a musical genius. I always trusted him and Musiclab Production to work on my music project. He knows exactly how to make ghost bump with his music. Musiclab Production also introduces me to a wider audience worldwide. Nothing more to say than a recommendation to trust your music project with Zefan & Musiclab Team!

Artist & Vocal Coach, IndoneisaPritta Kartika

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We offer a variety of music production packages to suit your needs. From basic starter music production to a complete post-production service
Strings Arrangement
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  • Using all flagship Virtual Instrument
  • Professionally Prepared Score (Additional)
  • Available to record with real strings section
  • -
Music Production
Start from
  • Music Production Service
  • Using all flagship Virtual Instrument
  • Session Player Available
  • -
  • -
Production & Mixing
Start From
  • Music Production Service
  • Using all flagship Virtual Instrument
  • Session Player Available
  • Including Mixing
  • -
Production Ultimate
Start From
  • Music Production Service
  • Using all flagship Virtual Instrument
  • Session Player Available
  • Including Mixing
  • Including Mastering

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